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As a Pratt County Sheriff’s Reserve, citizens are presented with the opportunity to donate time to our community while leaning leadership skills and becoming roll models.

As a Sheriff’s Reserve Officer you will assist the Sheriff’s Department with a wide variety of situations spanning from community events to more serious situations such as the Greensburg tornado when man power is essential.

Any citizen that is interested in donating time to their community in a hands on fashion, or citizens that are interested in a law enforcement career can use this opportunity to attain their goal.

Reserve officers will begin their training in the detention facility where they are required to donate at least 20 hours.  During this time they will learn their most important skills while dealing with difficult situations and confrontations.

After completion of the detention training Officers will be introduced to firearms training and then to the ride along phase of the training.  Through the program Officers can work their way up to patrolling with deputies and working in the detention facility as needed to help cover shifts.

The Reserve Officers can also use this opportunity to work their way up to full and part-time positions at the Pratt County Sheriff’s Department.

A fine example of this is our previous sheriff, Vernon Chinn, who started his law enforcement career as a Pratt County Sheriff's Reserve.

If you are interested in this program please get an application on the second floor of the Court House from the County Clerk’s Office. 

We are looking forward to working with you.