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Correction for the Pratt Tribune:


Correction for the Pratt Tribune:

Robot and Drone didn’t cost Taxpayers $75K:


A recent story in the Pratt Tribune indicated that the Sheriff’s Office along with Emergency Management had spent $75,000 dollars on a robot and drone system. This was incorrect and we wanted to make sure that the public knows that we had priced several options that we declined to purchase which would have been to that amount of money. We were able to purchase a Robot System and the company provided us a Drone Package at no extra cost for us to obtain both systems for the Pratt Citizens. The Sheriff’s Office was able to purchase a Transcend Tactical Robot with extra systems for use by the Sheriff’s Office, Police, Fire, EMS, and Emergency management in emergency events for $22,500.00 dollars and the company provided us a DSLR Mavic 2 Dual Drone for no extra cost. This is a $4000 dollar drone system that Emergency Services have been asking for and since the county has experienced so much flooding in the last year, a drone has been a needed piece of equipment for the citizens of the County. This Drone has Thermal and regular camera’s for search and rescue. The robot is a tracked system with a FLIR Pan tilt Zoom camera, and Thermal imaging for operations. The Sheriff’s Office and other First Responders need to update our technology for better response to Natural Disasters, accidents, Hazmat emergencies and Law Enforcement Emergencies. We hope this better explains any concerns that our citizens may have of this equipment purchase and feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


Sincerely Sheriff James White.