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Burglary suspects apprehended


On this date at approximately 10:15 a.m. the Pratt County Sheriff’s Office was notified a citizen had witnessed a vehicle crash into a mail box and left the scene.  The citizen followed the vehicle for approximately 3 miles from the accident scene.  The suspect vehicle stopped, an item was thrown from the car and 2 persons ran. The suspect vehicle sped off again. 


A deputy was on scene at this time.  Within minutes, officers from the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism, and the Pratt Police Department, were also on scene, who quickly apprehended the two on foot. A stolen item was also recovered from the ditch where the vehicle was stopped.


A Kansas Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism officer made a stop on the suspect vehicle approximately a mile from the first location where suspects ran.  Two more suspects ran from the vehicle at this scene and were caught by all agencies involved approximately one quarter mile from the vehicle in a field.


Stolen property was found at the scene, which led to the search of another location where more stolen items were found.  The items are tied to several rural burglaries which have occurred in the county in the last week.


Three adults and one juvenile were taken into custody.  The juvenile was released to family, the adults are currently being held in the Pratt County Jail on numerous charges including burglary, possession of drugs, and possession of stolen property.


No names are being released at this time, more information will be released tomorrow.  The Pratt County Sheriff’s Office is grateful for the watchful actions of citizens, without their help, these persons likely would not have been caught today.  The office also appreciates the response of the Pratt Police Department, the Department of Kansas Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism officers, as well as our own officers who immediately responded.  Every available officer in the Pratt County Sheriff’s Office was called out.


There were no injuries to citizens, suspects, or officers.