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County Wide SWAT Training


Oct. 24-28 the Pratt County Sheriff’s Office and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation will host a statewide Special Weapons and Tactical Basic Training (SWAT) class.  Our officers will join over 40 officers from 18 state and local agencies all across Kansas for this training.


There will be several special operations vehicles operating in the county and a number of government and privately owned buildings that will be the site of this training.


The Pratt County Sheriff’s Office recognizes we are in a world of ever changing scenarios and violence. We strive to keep our officers trained in the latest tactics while continuing to increase our networking capability with agencies all across the state.  We recognize no major incident will be handled by a single local resource but will be the combined effort of multiple agencies.


The Pratt County Sheriff’s Office is proud to host this training, increasing our communication and working with other agencies enhancing law enforcement efficiency locally and across this state.