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Construction site fall


At approximately 9:33 a.m. on this date the Pratt County Sheriff’s Office, Pratt County Emergency Services, and Pratt County Rescue were called to a construction site approximately 6 miles south and 4 miles east of Pratt, to the scene of a construction worker who had fallen while doing repairs on a wind generator.


On arrival the Pratt County Sheriff’s Office was told the worker had fallen approximately 126 feet and had landed on his back in the mud.  The worker was conscious and talking with rescue personnel.


Another worker was trapped for a brief period of time, hanging from his safety harness at approximately the same height.  After several minutes the second worker was able to free and lower himself into the construction basket and then on down to the ground.


The injured worker was transported from the scene to a Wichita area hospital.


No name or age of the injured worker can be confirmed at this time, or the extent of his injuries.


The workers were repairing one of the blades on the wind generator and were employed by General Electric.


The Pratt County Sheriff’s Office investigated the accident and no other information will be released by this office.