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A Pratt County resident received a call early this morning from an individual claiming they had won a free car and some money. However, in order to receive the car and money they needed to meet the caller at our local Walmart.  Fortunately the resident notified the Pratt County Sheriff’s Office, which we in turn tried to make contact with that number and were unsuccessful.

The Pratt County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone, again, no one is going to give you money, cars, or expensive gifts for nothing. Never arrange to meet these people.

For any meetings you may arrange through Craigslist, Ebay, and etc., arrange to meet them at the Pratt Law Enforcement Center, arrange to be at the Law Enforcement building early and let officers know who you are meeting and what the meeting is for. The Law Enforcement Center is a much safer environment than a parking lot somewhere.


  • It is not safe to talk with strangers!
  • You are not going to get something for nothing!
  • A government agency will not call to get personal information or to threaten you with legal action!
  • Do not do business with anyone you have not initiated the contact with!
  • If someone offers you money or expensive gifts for nothing IT IS A SCAM!
  • If you do business with them you will lose your money and IT WILL BE GONE!

It is simple and I have been promoting it for years, if you get a call from someone you do not know, JUST HANG UP! Do not talk with them.

If a stranger is at your door, DO NOT ANSWER THE DOOR. If they are needing help they can find it, you are not their only link to getting help for them.