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Possible scam:



Two individuals have reported to the Pratt County Sheriff’s Office in the past week of a call they have received.  Both of these calls were left in a voice mail and when the caller tried to call back a message of either, “this mailbox is full and cannot receive messages” or “this is no longer a working number.”  The number that is calling is 620 area code and 202 prefix.


The message left to both individuals was, “this is the Sheriff’s Office and you need to call us concerning a court matter”.


The Sheriff’s Office, nor court will make phone calls of this nature. 


It is unknown at this point what the caller will want if someone actually answers the phone, but the Pratt County Sheriff’s Office encourages everyone to not answer numbers you do not know, or talk to people you do not know, on your phone or at your door.  This time of year scams are rampant. 


Never send money to a person or business you do not know. Once they get your money, it is gone, we cannot get it back, and the suspect/s can rarely be found as a tremendous number of these calls come from foreign countries.