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Three County Pursuit Ends in Pratt County


News Release

For immediate release

Feb. 15, 2014


Releasing authority: Sheriff Chinn


At approximately 4:00 a.m. the Pratt County Sheriff’s Office was called to assist a Harvey County Sheriff’s Officer that was in a chase with a vehicle.  They were southbound on K-61 in Reno County with Reno County Sheriff’s Officers assisting also.


The suspect entered Pratt County at a speed of approximately 120 MPH.  A Pratt County Sheriff’s unit was able to deploy stop sticks on the vehicle approximately 7 miles north of Pratt and another Pratt County Sheriff’s Unit got the vehicle with stop sticks approximately 4 miles north of Pratt.


Shortly after the last set of stop sticks the vehicle was forced off the road by a Pratt County Sheriff’s Officer and the suspect was taken into custody. A passenger in vehicle was released without any charges.


There were no injuries to officers or the suspect.  No vehicles other than the suspect vehicle had damage.  The suspect was taken into custody by the Harvey County Sheriff’s Office on various charges and was transported back to Harvey County.