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Active Shooter Response


The Pratt County Sheriff’s Office is proud to announce a new link to our website. 

In the wake of recent tragedies in America I feel the need to provide more education to our citizens to help in defending themselves, should they be involved in a violent attack.

This video has been made available to law enforcement by the Department of Homeland Security, to help us with this educational effort.  I would strongly suggest you practice what you will do if caught in one of these attacks.  This has to become as important as fire and tornado drills, we expect those things to happen.  We can no longer afford to think we are safe in our surroundings.  Only you can save yourself in one of these attacks.  You and/or those with you, can turn the table on an attacker and defeat him or her.

Simply go to, click on Public Information, then click on the video.

If you have further questions on your personal, school, or workplace safety feel free to contact this office.