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In the last few days several people in the Pratt area have received phone calls from ones posing as a Sheriff, or the IRS(Internal Revenue Service). The caller is asking for personal information from the answering individuals. These are scams. Pratt County Sheriff Vernon Chinn would like to urge all to be extremely careful especially this time of year and beware of the dangers in these types of calls.

During Christmas all kinds of scams are out there to get your money. No law enforcement or government agency is going to call you and ask for personal information. Even though the Pratt County Sheriff's Office has issued several warnings in the past, the same safe guards will protect you now. If you don't make the call or initial contact, do not communicate with these people. They are experts at keeping you on the line in getting personal information from you. If you fall into their trap, you will lose your money and we cannot recover it no matter how large or small amount it is. Even some of the 800 call back numbers have a reverse cost to you that will come off your credit card or bank account.

Strangers on the phone are as dangerous as strangers at the door.

Please be safe this holiday season and always