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A message of support to law enforcement

It seems it the recent months there has been a growing attitude of negativity toward law enforcement nationally. This disturbs me and I would like share a few thoughts.

Can you imagine going to work each day and wondering if you’ll survive your shift and see your family at the end of it? Most people can’t. Each car an officer stops, or door they knock on, and the people they contact, carries the possibility of death or a career ending injury. In law enforcement, this is a fact of life. Each day 780,000 police officers across our country put a badge on and go to work knowing they may face extremely dangerous situations. Yet, they got to work anyway. Being a law enforcement officer is not just a job it is a calling. The pay is low, the hours can be terrible, and there is sometimes little appreciation for what you do. Yet, they do it anyway.

What the public doesn’t see is the toll law enforcement takes to keep our communities safe. On average, between 105 and 203 officers die in the line of duty each year, 50,000 officer are assaulted in the line of duty each year, 14,000 officers are injured in the line of duty each year, and over 300 officers commit suicide each year. There is no other profession in the world, except possibly the military, where you will find these kinds of statistics.

Being a law enforcement officer truly is an impossible job. You must be professional, courteous, caring and yet be ready to protect the public at all times. You must prepared to make life and death decisions in a moment’s notice. You take an amazing amount of abuse at times, but have to view this abuse as just “part of the job”. You do not have the liberty to express your emotions during many situations. The families of our officers also give up so much and share their loved ones, knowing they could lose them each day they go to work. Their husbands, wives, sons, and daughters are the ones who will take the dangerous calls, so others can be safe. They patrol at night while others sleep, constantly taking those calls and looking for criminal activity. Holidays are just another day in the life of an officer and his family. They share holidays when the shift if over.

Law enforcement officers play such an integral part in our society. Without law enforcement officers, chaos would reign. Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were in an trouble- a car accident, home invasion, assault, robbery,-and you did not have someone to call for help? No matter how much abuse law enforcement takes, they continue to do their job, and do it well! They are the guardians of our way of life and they deserve our support.

I am proud to be your sheriff and the trust you place in me and I thank you for that. I am even prouder of my staff and their willingness to take on the challenges and dangers each day of the job. Thank you to all of our officers!