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Gun Control Debate

 Gun Control Debate

I have wanted post something for a while on this issue, there is a lot of emotion right now, with far too many rumors, concerning gun control.

I want to say right off the start I am sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, as well as all my officers and we will.

I am shocked that none of our national or state leaders are calling for any action that would reduce the number of criminals that are free to roam our streets.  There are no pending bills to address the problem of those felons who have injured and yes, even killed others, but are free to roam.  Last month in Topeka, a convicted felon, with a long criminal career, murdered two Topeka, Kansas., law enforcement officers.  WHY was he out?  Before I would try restricting the tool criminals may choose to use, could we possibly consider longer sentences for those who commit crimes with firearms?

It would make sense to me to pursue laws that would keep those who use a firearm to commit a crime, behind bars for a very long time (5-10 years) and if they injure or kill anyone while committing that crime, they would not come out of prison.  Perhaps the best way to combat this problem is to deal with those who are violating the law in the first place.  After all, if legislation was passed, as I suggest, how many of those you know would be affected, as opposed to what our leaders are suggesting now?  Some of the new proposals will affect a great number of law abiding citizens who have done nothing wrong.  I am continually amazed at how our law makers think a new law will protect us.  How much more illegal can we make murder, rape, robbery, battery, and etc?  It is illegal to hurt other people when done outside the scope of self- defense.  We have enough laws to protect society, it is time to enforce them, not further restrict law abiding people.  God gave man TEN laws that would have protected human life indefinitely and look what we have done to those TEN original laws.  It is time for real consequences to violating the law!  However, that will come with a price.

 I believe, the reason a heavier penalty is not being pursued is because of the cost.  While passage to restrict certain components or tools of a trade has no cost, it does not address the real issue.  It seems absurd to me that not one legislator, state or federal, is asking for harsher sentences for those committing crimes with firearms.  I certainly believe there are some weapons on the street that were designed by the military, made to supply the needs of a soldier in combat, and were never intended to be on the streets of America, battling with law enforcement, and innocent victims.  The loopholes in background checks when purchasing a firearm need closed as well.  However, I believe it is time to address the real issue, the CRIMINAL themself. 

Another problem, which is huge, is the mental health crisis in America.  We are not properly caring for our mentally ill.  It became too costly and we don’t know what to with those who suffer from this illness, till they commit a crime then they are placed in our jails and prisons, which have become the largest mental centers in America.  Why?  Because, in my opinion, it was discovered years ago, that is the cheapest place to house and deal with them.  As a Sheriff, I can get one to prison easier than I can to the state mental hospital.  An individual can buy an assault weapon easier than they can find or pay for mental health.  If you are poor, there is no help for you, till you commit a crime and then you will be handled in the criminal justice system.  We don’t care until there has been a tragedy and then there is a lot of talk, with no action!

All said and done, the answer lies in each of our homes and families as well.  Parents have got to connect with their children and know what is going on.  They must teach and instill in their children the sanctity of life, as well as how to live under the law and home rules, respecting others rights and property. Gun owners must secure their firearms and make sure there is not easy access to them, when not in control of the one who has the experience and training to handle the firearm.  It is time for each and everyone one of us to do what we can to protect our own family.  The government has been beating the gun control drum for over 40 years without any real effect on crime.   However, they have picked up new drum sticks thinking they will get the right tune this time.  What a shame!