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Chase 7/23/20


Press Release


Releasing Authority:


Jimmy White

Pratt County Sheriff


On July 23, 2020 at around 07:30 AM Pratt County 911 was advised of a high speed chase with Kansas Highway Patrol Officers, and Kingman County Sheriff's Deputies coming west through Kingman County.  Pratt County Sheriff's Units were notified and began preparing.  Pratt Police Officers also set up inside the City of Pratt, in case the chase made it to the city limits. 


The driver of the vehicle was able to avoid spike strips as they neared the city of Pratt, and at one time swerved the vehicle at a Pratt County Sheriff's Deputy. 


The driver showed no concern for public safety as they drove through fences, ditches, and signs prior to, and as they entered the city of Pratt.


The chase continued through Pratt until officers lost sight of the vehicle in morning traffic. 


The vehicle, a silver and black Camaro was found a short time later in the northwest part of Pratt hidden in some trees a short distance from the roadway near several houses. 


A large manhunt began involving the Pratt County Sheriff's Office, Pratt Police Department, Kansas Highway Patrol, Kiowa County Sheriff's Office, Pratt County EMS, Pratt County Fire, Pratt County Emergency Management, and a Game Warden from the Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism.


Three suspicious individuals were seen later in another part of town and Pratt Police Officers were able to keep an eye on them until they were seen walking to a local motel.


Officers were able to look in the vehicle and find information identifying one of the subjects, who were confirmed as one of the persons purchasing the room at the Motel.


Officers surrounded the motel for a short time, and the three individuals surrendered without incident after a brief standoff.


The three individual's identities are not being released at this time.  All three are being held at the Pratt County Jail accused of Aggravated Assault on a law enforcement officer, felony flee and elude, possession of stolen property, reckless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident. 


This remains under investigation by several agencies and other charges may come at a later date. 


A special thank you to all of the agencies involved in this incident.  It was team work that brought this incident to an end, and we are all proud to work together for our communities. 

No other information will be released. 




Jimmy White


Pratt County, Kansas.