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Response to Mandatory Mask Mandate

Pratt County Sheriff Jimmy White In response to mandatory mask mandate.


2020 has become an unforgettable year for all of us.  As our country's leadership has made life changing mandates that closed businesses, churches, schools, and gave no choices to the people affected. 

This Sheriff still believes in the fundamental rights given to all people within the borders of this beautiful nation. 

While I ask everyone to be sensitive to each other's opinions on this issue, I do not want any citizen in this county to feel there is a threat of law enforcement action by my office. 

I do wish to warn everyone that every business has the right to refuse service for not wearing a mask, which is not a criminal act, until a person refuses to leave a business, or acts in a disorderly manner. 

As far as the church is concerned, I will never send armed law enforcement officers into a church to shut down religious services or make arrests based on a mandate.  All people have the right to believe, or not believe in any faith they wish without government interference.

Please be respectful to others, this is a serious issue and many people are in great fear.  While I strongly back your rights, you need to strongly respect and help each other through these frustrating times. 


Thank you, and God Bless America. 


Jimmy White


Pratt County, Kansas