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In the fall of 2001, I was a new sheriff and was filling positions.  I received an application for the jail from a lady, but I was not wild about hiring a woman since we only had one person on the floor of the jail each shift.  I was worried how we could protect her.  Reluctanly I agreed to let her interview.  I will never forget, she interviewed at the end of a list of 4-5 guys, walked out of the interview and my undersheriff and I looked at each other and said, "she just blew all the guys out of the water".  That young lady was Judy Wing and she was hired. 

Judy, excelled at all she did as a young detention officer and following a vacancy in January 2004, Judy was appointed as our Jail Administrator.   She also rapidly moved up in the Kansas Jail Association, starting as representative for the southwest Kansas Region, rising to president of that organization for three years in 2007-2010.  She continued to serve on the board of directors. 

Judy never had a down day and her smile kept us all going through many low times in the office.  During the Greensburg tornado when we responded, she worked tirelessly beside me day after day, never complaining even though the load was heavy.  She loved responsibility, challenges and took on change with confidence.

On November 1, I received the call I never wanted to hear.  Judy's husband Bob called to say, Judy had just been life watched to Wichita with what appeared to be a stroke.  Surgery was done immediately and all sounded good, positive, and very hopefull.  We all hoped and prayed for her and her family, looking forward to the day she would walk back in our doors.

However, on November 12, those hopes left, with the call Judy had passed away.  It crushed us all.  I had the priviledge of being her boss and friend for 11 years.  We shared family triumphs and tragedy.  I watched her children grow, her first grandchild was born in July of this year and a new daughter-in-law five days before Judy became ill.  She was so proud of her children, their spouses, and her husband Bob.

Judy loved everyone and as one said, she truly tried to leave all she dealt with, better than she found them.

I can say, she certainly did that here, because of her, myself and this office are far better than she found us. 

We will always miss her.