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Campaigns in America have reached the point of being sickening and disgraceful.  Candidates no longer promote their experience or agenda.  The goal seems to be to destroy the opponent rather than how a change will be good for the voters. 

Candidates misspeak, didn’t inhale, didn’t do this, or it is unfair how their past is suddenly coming up to haunt them.  A past they apparently tried to hide from the voters.

The Office of a Kansas Sheriff has the highest requirements of any elected office in the nation.  The requirements for that office is higher than that of a law enforcement officer and rightfully so.  I for one hope those standards stay in place.  Standards can always be lowered but once they are, they will never be in place again and America has had too much of this already.

The recent campaign for Sheriff was such a refreshing look at what campaigns can and should be about.  There was one bubble early on, with a candidate apologizing about past behavior, dropping out, and saying the law should be changed so he can be eligible someday.

Jimmy White and Cole Schmidtberger, stood on their experience, didn’t bad mouth the other, or the office they serve.  They simply stated to the citizens how they planned to move forward with the Office of Sheriff and what that would mean for the citizens they serve.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing for the state and national side if candidates were running their campaigns the same way!

Jimmy White and Cole Schmidtberger showed what true communication skills are, as well as carried forward the professionalism the Office of Sheriff demands.  They both will be around for a long time serving the citizens of Pratt and no laws have to change to make them eligible to run again in the future.

White and Schmidtberger are to be commended on their professionalism, integrity, and commitment to the citizens of Pratt County and for a campaign well done.  A special congratulations to Jimmy White for winning the election and being professional enough to keep Cole Schmidtberger in a leadership role in this office.  The entire Office is ready to move forward under this type of leadership.

As I prepare to retire it makes me proud to know, those leading this Office, have lived up to the high legal standard and requirements it takes to be elected to the Office of Sheriff. They were selected when they were first hired, because of those standards and they are now ready to lead keeping these values in place.