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Chaplain's Corner

Well known Christian author Oswald Chambers is quoted as saying, “Crisis always reveals character.”

In recent days we have experienced great tragedy, such that there are no words to express its size and scope. Many lives have been and will forever be changed. The loss is astounding.

We have also seen in these days, the heart, commitment, compassion, and courage of many different people in our community. Our Firefighters, EMT’s, Hospital staff, Law Enforcement, Counselors, friends, family members, strangers, and community members have all stepped forward to serve and assist in innumerable ways.

Some say we live in a time when people are increasingly becoming polarized and narcissistic. While those traits may very well be a part of our culture and community, we have also witnessed acts of selflessness, service, and great caring and concern.

The crisis of recent days has I believe also revealed great character among many. As our prayers and concern continues to go out to those who are still dealing with tragedy and loss, our deepest thanks and appreciation also goes out to all who stepped forward to help. Whether on scene, in the ER, or in the days following, thank you! Crisis takes but a moment, recovery takes time.

Thank you, each and every one of you.